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According to USA Today

The government appears all but certain to regulate minimum seat sizes for airline flights after the Senate voted 93-6 to pass legislation that extends funding for the FAA for another five years. The legislation also includes provisions that affect air travelers.

Chief among them: The bill orders the FAA to set standards for the size of airline seats, part of what’s known as the “Seat Egress in Air Travel (SEAT) Act.” The agency would have one year to come up with minimum requirements for seat width and for the space between seats.

The legislation has already been passed by the House and is expected to be signed into law by President Donald Trump.

As for the seat sizes, however, it’s unclear what rules the agency might ultimately adopt. Passengers’ rights groups undoubtedly hope the FAA might pass requirements that would require airlines to add more space to seats that now have as little as 29 inches between rows. However, it’s possible that the FAA’s rules could instead end up codifying the tightest seating arrangements already offered on U.S. airlines.

The FAA bill is also notable for what is not included.

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Pricess Cruises

Princess Cruise 2013 b

Hi Robin,

I just had to tell you what a great cruise we had. The staff was the best we have ever had on a cruise (35 cruises). The Head Waiter was at our table every night, not once, but several times as did other Head Waiters at breakfast and in the Horizon Court. The waiters and assistant waiters were the best. No request was to small. Anything we requested was delivered. The birthday cakes were the best we have ever had.

Thanks so much for all that you did for us. Getting the credit, military credit, Asti Spamanti, soft drinks, etc. were very appreciated by all of us. We like the ports as they were some we had not visited before (Antigua, St. Kitts, St. Lucia).

The only negative that we encountered was that there was no transportation (golf carts) to transport those who could not walk that far to the terminal in the ports. The only port that offered a shuttle was Nassau and there were three ships in which limited what they could do as there was only one shuttle.

Thanks again for all you did to make our trip very memorable. Princess Cruise 2013

Nancy & Bob
Orlando, FL


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Win a Cruise on MSC!

Take a look at this newest MSC ship, The Divina! You can win a cruise by entering, and you should enter daily. Only Travel Professionals are able to enter the contest, so if you are not a travel agent and you want to see this ship, you Can also visit us at www.TheCruiseXperts.com to see all of the choices that are available for your next cruise vacation. Remember to call after you find what you are interested in because we may be able to find a better fare code and save you even more! (866) 968-2789

To enter go to http://www.msccruisesdivina.com/
For answers to the Trivia Question go to >http://www.msccruisesusa.com/us_en/Ships/MSC-Divina.aspx

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Monday,  Royal Caribbean will start its 3 day sale. This is what you have been waiting for and you have to call on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday Oct 15th through Oct Oct 17th. You will receive on board credit to use on your cruise to buy what ever you would like, and the Deposits are reduced so you don’t have to come up with such a large initial cash deposit as usual. See the brochure for all  the details, then call The Cruise Experts at (866) 968-2789, email us at info at thecruisexperts.com or visit our website at www.TheCruiseXperts.com. Remember, what you see online are general pricing options, so you need to call us so we can find specific fare codes that may be less than what you see online. We will find you the best deal for sure!

 Flyer >3 Day Wow Sale!

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Happy Birthday Robin!

Thanks Meriah for making this awesome birthday cake. Robin’s favorite ship, The Freedom of the Seas turned out great! Happy Birthday Robin – We hope you have a great birthday and appreciate you so much! You are the best! You are “The” Cruise Expert.

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I was under the impression that this could not happen, since the cruise lines either get an approved credit card or will take cash during the boarding procedure. It appears that they got on the ship in Florida and then got off in St Johns, like they were going on an excursion, and then never got back on. It happened at least 3 different times and on 3 different cruise lines, so they must have really loaded up on expensive stuff, got off on St John, then flew back to Florida to do it again. There are no other details given in the story, so I am not really sure how they were able to charge on their ship board account once they went over the amount of cash that was deposited. Maybe they used some kind of bogus credit card? Just not sure.


Kevin Souder
866) 968-2789

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Check these out before they are gone. We have other good deals also, if these dates don’t  work for you. Call The Cruise Experts at (866) 968-2789. Check back often because we will be adding new links to other great deals as we find them.
These are the current groups that we are promoting. If we can book you into one of our current group promotions, then you will get on board credit to spend any way you like on the ship. If you start a group, as the Group Leader you will get a rebate by promoting the group to friends and family, we will promote is as well because our customers get on board credit and you get a big fat rebate. The more people that join your group, the bigger your rebate!

April 20th, 2013 – Virgin Islands, http://www.thecruisexperts.com/OfferDetail.asp?sid=34126&PriceId=3042485

May 11th, 2013 – Bermuda, http://www.thecruisexperts.com/OfferDetail.asp?sid=34126&PriceId=3042863

May 12th, 2013 – Jamaica, http://www.thecruisexperts.com/OfferDetail.asp?sid=34126&PriceId=3017843

May 13th, 2013 – Bahamas, http://www.thecruisexperts.com/OfferDetail.asp?sid=34126&PriceId=3039200

May 18th, 2013 – Western Caribbean, http://www.thecruisexperts.com/OfferDetail.asp?sid=34126&PriceId=3017907

Summer of 2013 – Alaska Land and Sea, http://www.thecruisexperts.com/OfferDetail.asp?sid=34126&PriceId=3018141

July 20th, 2013 – The Baltics, http://www.thecruisexperts.com/OfferDetail.asp?sid=34126&PriceId=2788135

September 8th, 2013 – Western Caribbean, http://www.thecruisexperts.com/OfferDetail.asp?sid=34126&PriceId=3007858

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Win a trip across the pond

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This is the coolest water slide that I have ever seen on a cruise ship. Watch the video to see it to believe it. It actually goes over the edge of the ship, back onboard, then circumvents the entire upper deck. Go to http://di.sn/j4U

Book with the experts at www.TheCruiseXperts.com
or Call (866) 968-2789

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Holland America has 15 ships sailing all over the world. Choose the one you want in this free cruise contest. If you are not one of the lucky winners, then book your next cruise with The Cruise Experts. You will be taken care of!

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